Le caillou rosé

Chill it but don't drown it! This is the motto of this “pink pebble“ imagined by the Domaine de la Grande Sieste to chill its exceptional rosé without drowning it in water or removing its qualities.

A great rosé deserves to be respected. Gone are the days when a large glass of rosé full of ice only tastes of fragrant water. The pebble is an ice cube made of rosé. Quite simple but it just had to be thought of and Boris Leclercq did exactly that.

Now by adding a “Caillou rosé” made of the same wine as the one you are drinking, but slightly lighter in the degree of alcohol, you can drink your “La Grande Sieste“ rosé by chilling it without drowning it ;-). Festive, funny, the berlingot of “Caillou Rosé“ is going to flood the beaches and summer evenings without doubt.

Consume with moderation, as this is not a matter of sucking a simple ice cube…

1,50 € each
This product is sold with a cartridge packaging containing 5 pebbles 2cl each. The price is per cartridge.
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